GESTRA in Malaysia

We providing complete steam engineering solutions based on your needs!

STEAM & CONDENSATE SOLUTIONS SDN BHD GESTRA in Malaysia, have been incorporated in Malaysia since 2011. With our head office located at Damansara Kim, dealing with

  • Energy audits for steam system (monitoring, analysis)
  • Design and Supply the complete steam system solutions, as well as the steam regenerator, de-superheater, flash steam and condensate recovery system (c/w condensate monitoring for the contaminations)
  • Design and Supply the specialty waste heat recovery products like economizers and de-aerators
  • Design and Supply the Fail-safe Automation system for Steam Boiler (TRD604)
  • Supply of relevant quality Steam Traps, valves, instrumentations & controls

We are active in the general industries, especially the Palm Oil Refinery & Oleo-chemicals, Food & Beverage, Tyre & Rubber, Pharmaceuticals, Paper, and Petro-Chemicals across Malaysia; as well as to the oil & gas, and power plant contractors.

We are the sole agent and distributor for some of the world most well-known steam equipment’s, valve and instrumentation manufacturer. In order to support our clients in the better way, we have sufficient goods and stocks store in our warehouse to meet customer needs and project deadlines.

Our mission is to provide superior steam engineering solutions and responsive customer services by offering our expertise, in order to develop long-lasting win-win partnership with all our potential business partners.
We offer our customers a full range of complete systems and intelligent solutions engineered to function with maximum reliability for the steam and process fluid control.


By providing you with an individual or excellent team that understand your need and/or helps you customize your requirement for your steam and condensate system. The aim of our new company must be:-

  • Maximize Saving for the steam and heat energy
  • Increase Reliability
  • Efficiency condensate discharge (minimize the water-hammering)