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Thermostatic (Membrane)


GESTRA Thermostatic Membrane steam trap can be installed in any position.
The internal membrane is made of Hastelloy (C), which is very sensitive response characteristic and longer service live.

The excellent air venting ability also can used for thermal air-vent in steam systems.

Design MK35/32U with 30 °C undercooling capsule, is special design for steam tracing, by utilization of certain amount of sensible heat, we decreasing the amount of flash steam (we can cut down 67% flash steam @ 3 barg steam tracing application)

Material : A105 Forged Steel

Model     : MK35/32 ,Special design for steam tracing                               
                 MK45-1 for tandem seat (double sealing)
                 MK45-A-1 for fully Stainless Steel
                 MK35/2 S3 for High Capacity (upto 2900 kg/hr)
                 MK25/2 S3 for ultra High Capacity (Upto 7200 kg/hr) 
                 MK 36/51 for CLEAN Steam (Food Grade)

Pressure Rating : PN40 / Class300

Max. operating pressure, PMO         : 22 Barg

Max. allowable temperature, TMA    : 400 °C

Size            : 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", 2"

Connection  : Screwed NPT or  BSP (ISO 228/1)
                    : Socket Welded
                    : Butt Welded
                    : Flanged DIN PN40
                    : Flanged ASME150, ASME300
                    : union butt-weld nipples
                    : hinged clamp