CLEAN Steam Separator

316L stainless steel construction

** Mechanical polished as option

Internal parts: 0,5 microns Ra *

External : Satin bead blast finish – 1,6 microns Ra

Size : DN1/2”, 3/4”,1”, 11/2” and 2”

Connection : Clamp ends or others on request

CE Marking

This product has been designed for use on water, steam, air and other gases which are in Group 2 of the PEDEuropean

Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and it complies with those requirements.

The product carries the CE mark when falling in category 1 and above.

When wet steam is used in sterilization, moisture in suspension reduces the heat transfer’s efficiency and validity of the sterilization process can be compromised.

ADCApure S-10 series centrifugal separators remove moisture from steam pipelines. Steam passing through the separator and as a result of centrifugal forces, impact and swirling effects, separate the particles with a heavier specific gravity, such as water droplets and moisture in suspension.

The condensate collected at the bottom of the separator, must be automatically drained by a suitable steam trap.