Fully Automation UN-man Boiler Control System (TRD 604 or EN 12953)

Let's us MAXIMIZE your boiler safety, and efficiency by our GESTRA TRD604 boiler controls system!!

GESTRA Boiler equipment according to TRD604 or European guidelines (EN 12953Part 6), implement Boiler Automation with more Reliability, Efficiency, and Safety, that have always enjoyed top priority in boiler operation.


To implement Boiler Automation, GESTRA has for decades now been working exclusively with electrodes system that are LOW in maintenance and wear; in contrast to other system, they function entirely without moving parts.


The GESTRA boiler electrodes were developed from a concept proven over many years of service. Work with self-monitoring and routine self-testing for loss of redundancy, which means that malfunction in the system are detected immediately.


GESTRA make everything easier with ONLY SINGLE cable needed between boiler and control cabinet.


GESTRA Boiler automation (TRD604)