Sanitary Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure sustaining valves.

Sanitary Control Valves

The ADCApure P-130 / P-160 series direct acting, spring-loaded diaphragm sensing , pressure reducing valves, are designed for use on compressed air, water and other gases or liquids compatible with the materials of construction .



Compact design.

Completely machined from barstock material, no castings or forgings used on the standard version.

No rising stem



Internal wetted parts     : 0,5 microns Ra

External                        : Body and cover– Fine machined

(mechanical or electro polished as option)


Self relieving

Leakage line connection 1/8” (captured vent).

Panel mounting version (thread M45)

Gauge connection on body

Different soft valves for liquids and gases.

Special execution for steam.     

Casted cover (CF8M) with rising stem

handwheel for economic reasons.

Lock system, allows clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP) operations with valve in line.

Size             : DN1/2” to DN 2”

Connection  : Clamp ends or others on request

The ADCApure PV926 control valves are single seated, two-way body constructed with angle connections. The PA pneumatic actuator is rubber diaphragm and multisprings.

** ADCApure V922 is straight through connections.

** ADCApure V928 connection upto DN100.


It’s action can be DA - direct action (air to close) or RA-reverse action (air to open). The PV926 valves have been designed to assure an accurate control in any process condition. The self draining design is ideally suited to applications in clean steam service.



Single seated, two way, direct or reverse action valve.

Valve top flange permanently attached to the body, removal is unnecessary for replacing the actuator.

Metal to metal or soft sealing.

Self draining design



Internal parts: 0,5 microns Ra


Body                : Fine machined (mechanical or electro polished as option)

Actuator            : Stainless steel satin bead blast finish – 1,6 microns Ra

  Steel painted



Size                  : DN1/2” to DN4”

Connections      : Clamp ends or others on request

Remarks: FDA/USP Class VI seals certificate on request