Prone to Short Service Live, Air Lock, and Live Steam Losses.

Normally, we named it as "Contractor Trap".

Max. operating pressure, PMO         : 42 Barg

Max. allowable temperature, TMA    : 400 °C


GESTRA Thermodynamic steam trap is made of Stainless Steel.

** We had to emphasis the important of the built-in strainer for a thermodynamic steam traps. Due to the metal to metal hard contact between the valve disc & seat, any steam trap without strainer will lead to extremely short service live!!  

Material : S.Steel

Model     : DK47 (equivalent to TD42)                                

                 Complete with Built-in Strainer

                 DK47H for High Capacity (Standard)

                 DK47L for Low Capacity

Model     : DK57 (equivalent to TD52M)

                 Complete with Built-in Strainer

                 (The DK57 is the model that is not recommended from the point of engineering)

                 DK57H for High Capacity (Standard)

                 DK57L for Low Capacity

Pressure Rating : PN63 / Class600

Size            : 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1"

Connection : Screwed NPT or  BSP (ISO 228/1)