Pure Steam Regenerator

The EZheat PURE steam regenerators supply process steam as pure steam containing no contaminants that may be detrimental to health, such as hydrazine or ammonia.

 For technical reasons, such substances must be added to the boiler feedwater during normal boiler operation. They are steam-soluble and will therefore also be present in process steam. Pure steam is necessary for the operation of sterilizing equipment in hospitals, for steaming and drying chambers in the foodstuff industry, and wherever it is important to ensure that the process steam is absolutely free of attendant substances that are noxious, chemically reactive or impair the taste.

EZheat PURE steam regenerators are available in compact designs as horizontal or vertical units, completely equipped.


The EZheat PURE steam regenerator as the horizontal version consists of a cylindrical vessel; a heating tube bundle with head is installed in the lower part through a standpipe. The heating medium (steam, pressurized hot-water or thermal oil) flows through a control valve into the tube bundle, where it transfers its thermal energy to the water surrounding the tube bundle. Depending on the quantity of heat applied, the water evaporates and can be extracted via steam-separating internals. If the accuracy of the steam pressure is not a critical factor, then a self-acting pressure regulator may be used.


On the secondary side, the EZheat PURE steam regenerator is protected by a safety valve. The condensate formed in the tube bundle is discharged by a GESTRA float trap type UNA. The feedwater evaporating during the production of pure steam is made up continuously by a feedwater supply control. For this purpose, KLINGER Magnetic Level Gauge is able to supply suitable components from its product range for process control.


As a result of the continuous evaporation process and feedwater make-up, the concentration of salts dissolved in the boiler water increases steadily, even if the feedwater is partially desalinated. If there is a high steam demand, the permissible limit for the salt content may be exceeded after only a few hours. For this reason, the steam regenerator must be fitted with a continuous and intermittent blowdown unit operating automatically.

For this special application, the GESTRA & KLINGER product range for process control offers proven conductivity electrodes, continuous blowdown controllers, automatic continuous blowdown valves, program-controlled intermittent blowdown units, and automatic intermittent blowdown valves. Only in this way can it be ensured that pure steam of the very highest quality can be produced with the use of demineralized feedwater and a continuously controlled continuous blowdown. In this way, it is also possible to prevent the dangerous salt concentration and sludge formation that may lead to corrosion in the steam regenerator.

Standard Technical Specifications:


PURE Steam regenerators for higher pressure/temperature ratings and larger capacities on request.