Boiler Level Gauge

Transparent level gauge, suitable for very hight steam pressure. Bicolour level indication (red/green) can be fitted to shut-off valves, metallic seated, model DVK2.

Max steam pressure=180 bar

The Klinger range of Steam Level Gauges comprises of four main types:

Trasparent level gauge for steam and process applications, suitable for shut-off fittings:

- Soft sealed gauge cocks, model D (with packing) or model DG (with nipples).

- Metal-to-metal sealed valves, RAV 956 (with nipples) or RAV 957 (rotatable), outside screwed type. Allowable also model RAV 946/947, inside screwed type. 


Transparent indicators are available with explosionproof illuminators and Eexd IIC T5 IP65.



Certified PED 97/23/CE.

Conforming ATEX - 94/9/CE; on request.         

Plus a range of shut off fittings and accessories