Steam Separator, Dryer, Purifier

Moisture and impurities in the steam are a cause of increased wear in steam systems. These may consist of water or dirt particles. GESTRA steam driers remove moisture and impurities from the steam line, thus extending the service life of control valves, heat exchangers and other steam users, and also increasing the reliability of the entire plant.

GESTRA steam driers have no moving parts. The guide element, a two-start helix, is permanently mounted in the body. The wet, unpurified steam enters the drier and flows down the guide element in a spiral motion. The resulting centrifugal forces separate out the particles with a heavier specific gravity. In the lower section of the steam drier, the steam flow is deflected by 180 degrees, which provides an additional separation effect. The dirt particles flow into the lower sump of the steam drier and are discharged via a float trap type UNA.

◗ Process steam (low-pressure steam) is used in turbines to drive air compressors. The low steam pressures occurring in some cases, also with large quantities of steam, necessitate structures with diameters exceeding 3 m and with heights of more 11 m. Here too, GESTRA employs the highly effective cyclone separation with special internals and proven drainage techniques using float traps or electrically controlled systems.

GESTRA steam/air driers are available for a wide range of applications. A practical example: